It's been a while

It has been awhile since I have last postet so what the hell. Alot of stuff has changed since the last time I posted. I am now out of apartments and into a house. I live in a all white house on Elysian Ave. When I mean white, i meant white people, every else on our street is black and that kind of creeps me out a little bit. I have a gf name Jessica and she is amazing. I would have never thought that I would meet someone this special and that is so similiar to me. To have something like that is just really great, she does so much for me. Other than that, i am still fat a fuck and still go to crappy ass UT. I hate school so much, but it wont get me anywhere if i drop out, so im toughing it out and hopefully ill be out of this dump before long.


Another Crazy Night With The Crew

I decided to throw a "social gathering" at my parents house to celebrate Tracy's and Jeff's birthday. With some game playing and lots of beer drinking, I had one hell of a night. With Hufford talking shit to my step dad, swimming drunk as fuck, and nate locking his keys in his, it was crazy. It was funny to see all of my mother's friends play drinking games with us college kids, they hung in there for a while. I was really surprised that nothing got broke, because usually my gatherings turn into parties, and tracy hates that. The past 2 weeks have been insane with the Mohawk gang, from puking in the toilet at 10 am, to falling down on the pavement piss ass drunk (nate). Jumping off my pool deck because she didnt want to get thrown in jenny). Eating everything in my kitchen at 4 a.m. (thomas)...and of course the life of the party, Jeff trying to imitate some dancing. He doesnt like listening to rap on his birthday. Here's to more good times. Denny's sounds nice.


Drunken Idiots

Last night we all went to arnies. After pre-gaming at nate's and seeing some green granny panties, we decided to go to bar. After an interesting night at the bar talking to random people and the 2 nasties, me, josh, and stick decided to walk home from arnies. All of a sudden we got the urge to try to steal things, which is and awful idea. Mike was in rare form and left and wanted to steal a sun dial. which seemed like a good idea at first, not knowing how much it weighed. It was heavy as fuck, so we moved onto things that werent so heavy. So we decided to throw construction road block horses into the ottawa river, which im pretty sure it decinigrated when it hit. It was a very intersting night to say the least, but we are getting that fucking sun dial before the summer is over with, I guarantee it.


Too Much Sleep?

I am starting to wonder if I am getting too much sleep. Is it possible or am I just being stupid. I am now tired as hell at work and I didnt use to be tired when I was getting up early to go to class. Now, I don't have to wake up early, and I usually get like 11 hours of sleep per night. I want to get up early and enjoy the day, but my bed just feels so good and I can't seem to get up. I came to the conclusion that I am a lazy bastard.


Johnny Law

So, I really had to piss after jakes saturday. Thought I could pull off pissing by a fence, not untill a cop pulls around the corner and shines his light on me. Yeah, it kinda sucks to almost get arrested by pissing. I hate the cops.


Broke as a Joke

I have come to realize that I has absolutly no money once so ever. Even though I have a good job, I get paid every 2 weeks, and that is shitty. It seems like I keep getting my cable and electric bills every fucking week. Not to mention I haven't paid my car payment in a about a week and a half. It's gonna be kind of funny when I wake up one morning and my car won't be there. I have no food, just ask stick, whenever he puts his beer in my fridge, he can never find any room. By the way, when I shit, I have to wipe my ass with a damn coffee filter, cause I have no toliet paper. I hate life right now, I need money, I am now taking donations.


Big Body Sittin on Chrome

I have realized now what happens to my body when I don't work out. I lost quite a few pounds before spring break because I committed myself to run and workout everyday. Now that I am back from Florida and nobody sees me without a shirt on, I haven't been as active. I have gained a couple of pounds and I hate it. I def. need to start workout out again, so I don't become a disgusting blob.